Together Conference is a women’s conference hosted by Trinity Church Girlfriends in Cedar Hill, TX for women of all ages, September 21-22, 2018.

Attendees experience exciting guest speakers, inspiring worship, and more. Women will leave encouraged, Holy-Spirit empowered, connected, and challenged to pursue further growth and connection in their everyday lives.

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Dear Friends,

The¬†Together Conference¬†is coming! I wish I could describe to you how amazing it will be. All I can think to say is “Wow.” Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of women who are hungry for the presence of God is completely… wow. It’s life-altering. It’s paradigm-shifting. It’s renewing and it’s energizing. And I really want you to be there with me!

I know two days is a lot to ask from a woman. You have people to care for and so much work to do. You might feel like you can’t peel yourself away from all of it but – you can. And you should. Stepping away from the demands of your life for a short Sabbath will remind your soul who it is that really keeps your world spinning. And that deliberate act of leaving all your tasks behind will signal to God that you know you need Him more than anything else.

Mark your calendar for September 21-22 and be ready to meet with God. The general sessions will give you opportunity to enter in to new levels of worship and be transformed by the anointed Word. The Lord will meet you personally and prophetically. I am confident that God will show up in a way that can transform your life!

I know you will love it!

Hoping you will join me,

Becky Hennesy


















Featured Guest

Lisa Bevere


Phineka Friend


Bianca Olthoff


Niya Cotton


Becky Hennesy


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5 PM
6 PM
Auditorium Doors open for General Admission
6:30 PM
Conference Opens
Bianca Olthoff
Lisa Bevere
10:00 PM
End of Day 1
8:30 AM
Doors Open
9 AM
Morning Sessions
Phineka Friend
Bianca Olthoff
12 PM
1:30 PM
Afternoon Sessions
Lisa Bevere
Close of Conference

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