Prayer Guide

Day 40 – I Choose Consecration

Sunday, May 29

After 40 years of wandering in the desert, as the Israelites were about to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land, the Lord gave them this command and promise, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”  We see this over and over again throughout scripture. To consecrate means to set apart from anything unclean; dedicate as holy unto the Lord; to make something an act of honor or veneration. The Lord has promised to do some amazing things at the Together Conference and through the women’s ministry of Trinity Church. Ladies, it’s time to cross over into our promised land! Let’s take time each day this week to consecrate ourselves and every aspect of this conference. As an act of worship, let’s be intentional about setting ourselves apart from anything that will defile our emotions, our actions, our speech, or our thinking. The Lord is worthy of our devotion and worthy of this conference—it is our privilege and honor to give back to the Lord what we receive from Him. Let’s consecrate ourselves and trust Him to do wonders among us.


Day 39 – I Choose Expectancy

Saturday, May 28

In the taking of Jericho, the worshipers led the march. When King Jehoshaphat and his army faced a formidable enemy army, they sent the worshipers, and without having to fight, their enemies were utterly destroyed. Imprisoned and bound in chains, Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns and “Suddenly a strong earthquake shook the foundations of the prison. At once all the doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.” (Acts 16:26) Amazing! In each instance, praise and thanksgiving paved the way for their victory. Over the next week, let’s be intentional about giving the Lord praise and thanksgiving, cultivating a spirit of expectancy concerning all He has promised to do at Together Conference 2016. Let’s celebrate in advance ladies; the victory is sure!


Day 38 – I Choose Destiny

Friday, May 27

The enemy of a woman’s soul, her dreams and her destiny, would like nothing more than to weigh down and weaken her through the harsh circumstances of life, and silence her voice with a spirit of intimidation. But a prophetic call to women has been issued from heaven—it’s time for the Deborah’s arise and be shot out like arrows! It’s time we take our places on the frontline of battle for the future of our children, our churches, our communities and our nation. The Lord is gathering hundreds of women to Together Conference to deliver us from all forms of oppression and fear that have kept us from fulfilling God’s purposes for our lives. Full of hope, power and love, women at the Together Conference will be released from fear into the fullness of our calling and destiny in Christ.


Day 37 – I Choose To Prioritize

Thursday, May 26

As we draw near the close of our 40-day fast in preparation for the Together Conference, let’s go back to where we began, and remind ourselves of why we have committed to this season of prayer, and why we are hosting this event. Hundreds of hungry hearts desiring to encounter the living God will gather among us next week, as will many wounded, hurting women in need of healing, and lots of lonely souls in need of friends. Every woman coming is a life full of God’s greatness, but most have yet to be unlocked. The Lord has entrusted us with stewarding three nights and two whole days of ministry with these precious daughters of His—this is no small thing; it is full of purpose and potential!  Let’s choose to see our sisters through the lens of God’s love and destiny for them, allowing our hearts to burn with intercession on their behalf. Powerful breakthroughs are coming!


Day 36 – I Choose Our Teens

Wednesday, May 25

Trinity Church and Pastor Becky so greatly love and champion young people, that when it came to hosting a women’s conference, we had to make sure our teens didn’t stay behind. Under the direction of our Junior High School Pastor, Heidi Miller, we are hosting a simultaneous ‘Teen Together Conference’!  Teenage girls will join the rest of us for morning and evening worship and main speaker sessions, but throughout the day, they will have their own sessions with young adult women sharing about the Lord’s steadfastness through the teen years. Our girls will receive encouragement and practical insight on how to grow in and maintain their walk with the Lord, as well as engage in some interactive sessions on fun themes such as fashion and baking. Let’s remind ourselves of what a vulnerable population this is, facing issues such as eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, self-injury, and sexual impurity, and pray that our teens radically encounter and are forever marked by the love of God.


Day 35 – I Choose Healthy Marriage

Tuesday, May 24

Most of the women attending the Together Conference are married, which means there is another important factor to consider in their deliverance and destiny. Some enjoy wonderful marriages, where both husband and wife are still living with first love passion and have positioned themselves to continue growing together in the Lord. Other marriages may lack in communication, mutual respect, affection, or unity in how to raise children or manage the household. In some marriages, there may even be some form of emotional or physical abuse taking place. These women are longing for an intervention and desperate for some real solutions. Let’s contend for the restoration of marriages at the Together Conference—even those on the brink of divorce. And let’s dream with God for these women’s marriages to blossom into what He intended them to be—a beautiful reflection of Christ’s covenantal love for the Church.


Day 34 – I Choose Synergy

Monday, May 23

Yesterday’s prayer guide was unusually lengthy but extremely important, as it focused on our conference speakers and worship team. Many of you may not have gotten through all of yesterday’s prayer points, and some may not have tapped into it at all, with it being published on a Sunday when most are in church services and participating in family gatherings. Today, we will revisit yesterday’s prayer guide, “I Choose To Uphold,” while adding our intercession for unity and synergy among our team of speakers. Synergy is the natural and spiritual principle of multiplied strength that occurs when people combine their efforts. Scripture makes mention of it repeatedly: “…one will put one thousand to flight, but two will put ten thousand to flight.”  Let’s ask the Lord for this unity that multiplies strength and releases the oil from heaven and the blessing of life upon the Together Conference and all it’s participants.


Day 33 – I Choose To Uphold

Sunday, May 22

The Lord has blessed the Together Conference with some amazing speakers. Each one is precious and powerful and uniquely gifted for releasing life-changing revelations of God’s heart and His kingdom into the hearts of women. We must be careful that as busyness intensifies over this last week of conference preparations, we do not loose sight of the events primary purpose—the spiritual growth and encouragement of our women.  It is important that we are sensitive to the needs of our speakers, and provide a strong covering and support system through prayer. They may be experiencing spiritual struggles, family challenges, health issues, deadlines, exhaustion, and a host of other needs. Will you join us in upholding our speakers in intercession each day, just as Aaron and Hur upheld Moses’ arms to ensure Joshua conquered the enemy on the front lines of battle? Our main session speakers are Maria Durso, Jean Jobs, Cindy Jacobs, Thelma Wells, and Becky Hennesy, with worship led by Niya Cotton.  You may find a complete list of our breakout session speakers here:


Day 32 – I Choose Partnership

Saturday, May 21

The Together Conference coordination team is working diligently on the vast array of details that go into planning and hosting such a large and colorful event. We are grateful that our God is the Divine Creator, Master Builder, Chief Architect, and Great Administrator, who reveals His secrets to us, His friends. Having, through Jesus, given us every blessing in heavenly places, we have access to heavenly storehouses full of creative strategies and solutions, divinely inspired programs, and detailed instructions—blueprints for carrying out every part of this conference. We lack nothing because our God has not only blessed us with access to these heavenly blueprints, but He enables us to execute them with wisdom and excellence. As we draw closer to the conference dates, it’s important to remind ourselves that the Lord is the one building this house, this vision for Trinity Church’s women’s ministry, so that we remain fully dependent upon Him and continually rest in His limitless ability to get things done. Today, let’s choose all over again to partner with Holy Spirit for the excellent administration of the Together Conference. Jesus is the core, the root, the source, the origin, the power, and the point of it all.


Day 31 – I Choose Victory

Friday, May 20

Very early on in this 40-Day Fast, we chose to war on behalf of our sisters.  As we draw closer to the Together Conference, we must more firmly stand upon the promises of God, and lay hold of the victory He has promised for every woman participating. Now we know that our Good Father desires that we walk in divine health of spirit, soul and body—and He has made divine health and healing available to us through the finished work of Christ on the cross. As we draw closer to the dates of the Together Conference, however, the enemy may try to attack key individuals within the conference team, and the women registered to attend, with some affliction upon their mind, emotions or physical body. Distractions, emotional stress, financial troubles, physical illness may have come upon some of our women, but through Jesus, we are more than conquerers! The Lord’s prophesied increase concerning the women’s ministry of Trinity Church will not come without battle, but it’s important to remember that this battle belongs to the Lord. Our strength, our health, our provision, and our peace is found in Him. Let’s take refuge in the strong tower that is the name of Jesus, and trust the Lord for victory.