Prayer Guide

Day 30 – I Choose Prophecy

Thursday, May 19

Prophecy holds a very special function, summarized in scripture as, “exhortation, edification and comfort.” Prophetic words impart fresh vision, and carrying vision in our hearts restores hope, strengthens faith, and produces fruitfulness—all the stuff miracles are made of! Words of personal prophecy also impart a realization that God is with you and cares about your situation. They carry the power to convict calloused or unbelieving hearts concerning God’s existence, power and love. We want for this heavenly activity to saturate the atmosphere at Together Conference 2016! May the testimony of Jesus be released powerfully, infusing women with strength, encouragement and comfort, enabling them to believe for and experience the miraculous!


Day 29 – I Choose Revival

Gypsy Smith was a nineteenth-century revivalist who did something unusual when he came to a new town. He’d stop on the outskirts and draw a circle in the dirt. Then he would stand inside that circle and say, “O God, please send a revival to this town, and let it begin inside this circle.” Of course, none of us need to literally draw circles anywhere; the illustration serves to remind us that Holy Spirit is wooing our hearts toward a turning point, a moment of surrender, a change of heart marking the difference between those who would pray, ‘Lord, change them’ and those with the humility to plead, ‘Lord, change me! For any revival to sweep through our churches, or for any great spiritual awakening to blaze through our communities, the work of the Spirit must begin in individual hearts. It must begin in us. As we partner with the Lord’s desire for a sweeping move of His presence at the Together Conference, and among the women of Trinity Church, let’s allow Holy Spirit to draw a circle around our hearts and let’s pray, ‘Lord, let revival begin in me.”


Day 28 – I Choose First Love

Tuesday, May 17

The Lord sees and honors our hard work and perseverance when things have gotten tough along our Christian walk. While pressing through, however, hearts often loose their tenderness toward the love, power and beauty of Christ. And before long, we find we’ve abandoned what Revelation 2:4 refers to as our “first love.” A popular song by Bethel Music has given fresh verbiage to this age-old admonition, singing, “‘May we never lose our wonder.” Wonder is a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. A similar term, awe, is a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear of wonder. At Together Conference, our focus will be on the fascinating truth that this beautiful, powerful God, who sits enthroned in heaven, sees you, loves you and has chosen you—despite it all—to accomplish amazing things, while loving and empowering others. May women’s hearts dive deep into the oceans of God’s attributes and love, such that our hearts are fully captivated by Him.


Day 27 – I Choose The New

Monday, May 16

Several prophetic words have been spoken over the women’s ministry of Trinity Church.  These dreams from the heart of God concerning this “army of Deborah’s” include mention of a safe place for connection, multi-generational mentorship, marketplace initiatives, ministry to the poor, access to the darkest places of the earth, and an anointing to heal racial and generational divides within cities and nations. These prophetic words, however, also state the source and strategy for this movement among women. All of our deeds will flow out of our depth in God. Great exploits will spring up from a sweeping move of God’s divine presence, stemming from a personal living experience with Holy Spirit. Ladies, the Lord is inviting us to go deeper in our relationship with Him so that He can do a new thing in us and through us. Intimate relationship is evidenced by fruitful partnership. Let’s take hold of Cindy Jacobs’ recent prophetic word concerning Together Conference 2016: “This is for us!…There’s going to be an impartation come upon you…something new is going to happen.” As we surrender to the Lord’s presence and His purposes, we will become new wineskins and our capacity for more of God will surely increase!


Day 26 – I Choose To Give

Sunday, May 15

This past weekend, the women of Trinity Church came together for a night of prayer for the conference, followed by an orientation on servant leadership. Each gathering was essentially an invitation to give—our time, our heart, our service—for the women we will host at Together Conference. God exceedingly and abundantly out-gave us, however, meeting us powerfully in our prayer time, and performing heart surgery on us through compelling messages on honor and forgiveness. This invitation from the Lord to give and serve remains extended even now. In the next few weeks leading up to the conference, the Lord is asking us to rightly position our hearts and our hands for the sake of the women coming to this conference, looking always to Jesus as our Great Reward.


Day 25 – I Choose Sisterhood

Saturday, May 14

As women rub elbows with other women, we sometimes feel a tug at our heart from a green-eyed monster named envy. Rather than be content with where we are at in life, we covet what our sisters have, do, experience, or look like. Scripture tells us that this opens the door to all kinds of evil—things like competition, quarreling, jealousy, and gossip. But the culture among our women at Trinity Church and the Together Conference must, and will be different. The Lord desires that we be a company of women joined together by covenantal relationship—a sisterhood without the drama! An environment where we see and call out the greatness in each woman; helping each one finding her place.  A house where each woman is honored and celebrated, yet we come alongside and support on another in times of need. A true family, where no woman is ostracized left lonely, or feels out of place. Let’s be intent upon cultivating and protecting this Godly sisterhood within our hearts and our house, so that every woman who walks through the doors of Trinity Church will feel welcomed, safe and loved, and she’ll let her guard down and let other women in.


Day 24 – I Choose Liberty

Friday, May 13

Captivated by Jesus’ loving gaze, kind words and compassionate ways, the life of that adulterous woman about to be stoned was forever changed. She had been living life guided by a mindset contrary to God’s word—a stronghold—likely triggered by a past trauma. But regardless of how great the fortress of lies, or how long she had lived in it, Jesus provided a way out of that vicious cycle. He shone the light of His truth over the matter, attributed worth to her existence, and called her into freedom. No doubt, many of the women coming to Together Conference are struggling with some sort of stronghold—lust, depression, anger, addiction, rejection—some are demonic in nature. But where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty”from that stronghold! Scripture paints this beautiful picture for us: “You surround me with songs of deliverance.” Let’s invite the song of the Lord to surround us and set us free at Together 2016.


Day 23 – I Choose Miracles

Thursday, May 12

Scripture tells us that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was blessed because she believed the words spoken to her by God. Mary’s trust in the Lord led her to believe Him for the impossible, allowing her to become God’s vessel for conceiving and birthing a miracle. The Lord desires to use each woman as a birthing place for the miraculous, powerfully impacting our personal lives and the lives of those around us. Our lack of faith for miracles, however, often keeps us from asking for them; our prayer life is shaped by what we believe. Yet our Good Father wants to remind us today how deeply He longs to give good gifts to His children. And receiving our miracle begins with simply asking our Good Father for those things He already wants to give us. Let’s invite Holy Spirit to help us deal with our trust issues and our unbelief. And let’s invite the God of the impossible and the extraordinary to intervene in our limited reality, making room for the miraculous to take place at Together 2016.


Day 22 – I Choose The Infilling

Wednesday, May 11

Based on what they’ve sensed the Lord desires to do in and through Trinity Church, Pastors Jim and Becky have themed this year one of “Creating Holy Spirit Culture.” We are already experiencing a special move of the Holy Spirit, and we are believing for an even  greater move of God that empowers the Church for the release of signs, wonders and miracles within our meetings and beyond our walls. And as we continue to cultivate an atmosphere that welcomes Holy Spirit and His ministry, we are growing in our sensitivity to God’s will and improving our partnership with Him so His Kingdom is made manifest in it’s fullness among us. The Lord desires to bring every woman attending the Together Conference into this Holy Spirit culture, and return to their families, churches and communities with a deposit so great that it will overflow and touch the people and circumstances around them.


Day 21 – I Choose To Follow

Tuesday, May 10

God wonderfully created us with a rich and colorful array of emotions, which can have a powerful effect on our lives. But if we allow ourselves to be controlled by our emotions—by how we feel—we are settling for so much less than what God has planned for us. We begin to judge the value of things by the nature of our response to them—whether we “feel” good about it or not, whether we “feel” like doing it or not. Meanwhile, emotions can be fleeting and deceiving—we cannot trust them. But there is a better way for getting through the decisions and time investments of everyday life. As daughters of God and disciples of Christ, we are not to be controlled by our emotions, but rather, led by the Spirit of God–“pray continually.” Our lives should be an ongoing conversation with God, where we inquire of Him and listen for His voice inviting His input and direction to our every step. David cultivated a passionate heart for God’s will and ways. Let’s give ourselves to that process, and enjoy outcomes more fun and fulfilling than we could ever imagine!